Sunday, July 3, 2011

9 months

Everett's ninth month was a blur, to be perfectly honest. I have been super sick with this pregnancy (much like the last one), so updating a blog has been pretty low on the priority list. Ahead of it was trying to find every possible second of sleep I can fit in a day already filled with taking care of Ev and working full time. But this little guy has been growing into quite the big boy these last few months. He is crawling like a champ, he is eating everything in sight, and he is talking so much. Not actual words, but he can say "Bella," and "Da-Da" which we are still trying to decide if he actually is talking to Cory.

This last month he has decided that his daddy is the greatest thing on this earth. He is so social and easy-going, but if his dad is holding him and then puts him down or worse yet, walks out of the room, he cries like someone is pinching him. It is really cute and really sad. I can't help but feel a little jealous, which I know is ridiculous...I know that he will trade favorites a million times in his life, but I can't help but wonder why he doesn't cry when I leave the room? You know, just me, his mom, the one that carried him and labored with him and delivered him and nursed him and stayed up all night with him. Just that person. I sound super bitter, but I really do love how much he loves Cory.

His favorite thing to eat right now is meat. You can put fruit and veggies and meat on his tray and he will pick through all of it until the meat is completely gone and then look up at you for more.

I love that he is getting bigger and more curious and exploring more. I love that you can tell he understands when you ask him a question and that he grabs on to you when you hold him. He is amazing!!