Sunday, February 20, 2011

Crappy Crafters

This year for Valentine's Day I wanted to do something small but thoughtful for Cory. Since his love language is pie and I have made ONE pie our entire marriage (5 years in August), I decided to make him his mom's famous Crumb Apple Pie. It is SO good. Mine wasn't necessarily as good as hers, but it's the thought that counts right?

What I did discover, however, is that the crappiest of pies can be made to look like something special with a little thing called a mini-bunting. I'm pretty sure you could put a mini-bunting on a pile of poop and it will look like it's straight out of Martha Stewart Weddings.

The thing about me and crafts is that I love them. I love looking at them, and planning for them, but somehow the implementation somehow falls short of the vision. I am lucky to have good friends that I can collaborate with (me=vision, Gennie=making it happen), but since this was a V-day present that didn't seem appropriate. Part of the problem is that I am cheap and never seem to have the supplies around that I need. Like a glue gun but no glue sticks, etc.

To make this craft I found the 4 pieces of scrapbook paper I own (it took some work to hunt it down) and cut diamond shapes out of them. Lucky for me, the back side of one of the pieces I purchased God only knows when was covered in hearts. What is more Valentine's Day than hearts, yes? After cutting the diamonds out I realized that I didn't have any fancy crafter's glue. But, I did have some double sided photo sticky squares left over from another project I don't think I ever finished. So I slapped the little stickys in the middle of the diamonds, folded them over some twine (which I actually had!) and tied the two ends to some skewers left over from some kabobs and stuck them in the top of my kind-of-sad-looking pie. The result?

Holy cuteness, right? The trick to this kind of craft is not to look too closely. Here, since we're being honest, is a close-up...

Flawed? Yes. Still adorable? Oh yes.

The photo sticky squares may or may not have failed me, and the next day, the adorable little pennants may or may not have fallen off the twine. But who needs to know that part.

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